Junior High School Willy Wonka Play Jr. is a Treat


This week, a group of talented Junior High students put on a production of the musical Willy Wonka Jr. The production featured over 45 student performers from grades 6-8! Springs School students were lucky enough to visit East Hampton High School to watch the performance. The audience was filled with gasps as the curtains parted to reveal Willy Wonka's delightful candy-filled factory. Performers danced and sang amid the waterfall of chocolate and giant candy features. Green-haired Oompa Loompas led several bizarre numbers. Students graced us with some heartfelt moments and songs too, songs that celebrated staying positive in hard times. The students in the seats particularly enjoyed how Charlie managed to avoid floating away by burping his way back to safety. It was joy to see so many students on stage working together to create an amusing and enchanting experience for the community.

A thank you to all of the students, teachers, administration, and the Board of Education, as well as the East Hampton High School, and all others who made this production possible.

Check out the slideshow of this fantastic performance:


(Story to come).