8th Graders Compete in Speech Contest

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Last week, 8th grade students took to the podium to present their arguments about important topics and choices facing people today. Students presented on a range of subjects including, the Opioid Crisis, Vaccinations, Standardized Testing, Organ Trafficking, Separating Families at the Border, Environmental Damage, Ghost Parenting, and Conversion Therapy. The students prepared slideshow presentations to go along with their speeches. Finalists for this contest were chosen after the entire eight grade submitted speeches as an ELA assignment. They stayed after school to work on and practice their speeches before the final night. These students showed great talent for public speaking and a dedication to advocating for what they believe is right! The finalists included Brianna Calle, Chloe Swickard, Jameson Grant, Perla Mancilla, Tiffany Pesantez, Melanie Chuya, Emily Cubero, and Gabrielle Miller. Eric Casale, Christine Cleary, and Victor Jaccarino acted as judges. As one judge said, there are sure to be some dedicated female politicians in our future!

Thank you to Mrs. O'Reilly, the students, their families, and the judges for their time, effort, and support.