Springs Girls Soccer Team and SPG XC

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The girls soccer season just ended and the girls finished with a record of 5 wins - 1 loss - 2 ties. The captains of the team were Katie Kuneth (Montauk), Mia Reinhardtsen (Montauk), Kelly Dumancela, Cynthia Guanga, and Julianna Tubatan. Coming into the season, more than half the team had never played soccer before. The girls worked extremely hard throughout the season at practice and it definitely paid off on the field. This is now the girls 3rd winning season in a row.
     Emily Quizhpi, Mia Reinhardtsen, and Rihanna Pinos led the scoring for the team with 3 goals each. Also adding to the scoring were Cynthia Guanga, Jhoselyne Munoz, Joseline Calle, Rose Mary Pillco, Katie Kuneth and Scarlet Flight (Montauk). 
     The team gave up very few goals this year thanks to goalies Katie Kuneth, Kelly Dumancela and defenders Ashley Armijos, Julianna Tubatan, Angelica Yaguarema, Samantha Ruano, Abigail Barrera, Jennifer Munoz, Valeria Guttierez, Aileen Jimenez, Maisie Noll (Montauk), Angelina Guaman, and Shaila Farez. The midfielders were Emily Quizhpi, Cynthia Guanga, Jhoselyne Munoz, Scarlet Flight, Michelle Flores, Karen Pillco, Nayla Morales, Isabela Ruiz, Jesely Castaneda, Natalie Reininger, and Kayla Guerrero. Finally, the forwards were Mia Reinhardtsen, Joseline Calle, Rihanna Pinos, Gabby Buestan, Ashlee Cajamarca, Linda Prado, Andrea Buitrago and Rose Mary Pillco.


SPG XC team has their last meet this Wednesday at Indian Island Park in Riverhead at 4:00 pm.