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A huge thank you to the Springs School Community!

The Springs School budget has passed! Dave Conlon and Amy Rivera were voted back in to 3 year terms. A special thanks to Joe Sullivan and Debra Goodman for their interest in running for the BOE.

The 2019 World's Fair!



Last week, members of the Springs School community gathered to celebrate our diverse heritages. Students and their families set up tables where they shared food, facts, and stories about their cultures. There was a talented drumming performance by the 5th and 6th Grade students. Other Springs School Students performed songs and dances. The night ended with a special dance performance by the Shinnecock nation. We are so grateful to have such a culturally rich school community. It was wonderful to have a chance to gather and celebrate everything that make us unique and to celebrate those special things that unite us all: family and community.

A huge thank you to the families, students, the staff who volunteered to help out at the event, the PTA, the administration, the Board of Education, Amanda Pond.

Check out the Slideshow of the World Fair Below!

Former Springs Teacher Irene Tully Leads 5th Grade Trip to Long House


On Teacher Appreciation Day this week I climbed back in the saddle as a teacher and guided fifth graders from my former school at Springs around the sixteen acre magical sculpture gardens of LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. We had Goldilocks weather—just right. Booked as the docent a couple of months ago by my former student, Owen McCormack, who was in my preschool class 40 years ago! And, at Springs, I taught his son--my first grandkid student.

We had exchanged ideas and he followed up and did his homework: yes, he'd bring along a big rolling measuring tape, he’d ordered an inflatable globe, the kids would have their notebooks so writing would anchor the visit. He even topped me: he brought along a portable speaker that would link some music in the outdoors.

I relate to fifth graders, having taught that grade half my career. I like ages ten and eleven--before the hormones dig in. They’re game for anything fun and interesting.

We gathered at the Fly's Eye Dome and I gave background information. Most had visited with their classes before but I shed some light on founder Jack Larsen, the fallow farm field that the property once was. Owen directed the kids to save a page for vocabulary terms--fallow, allee, alloy, Cryptomeria, Hornbeam, zephyr, bronze. At one point when they were theorizing what made Takashi Soga's "Eye of the Ring" move, Mr. McCormack disappeared. Five minutes later he had "the whole world in his hands,"and holding the giant globe over his head. He'd searched for and found one for $5.00 on Amazon--delivered! So he inflated it on the grounds near an outdoor socket. And that kicked in the geography connections. I quizzed the kids about countries and continents as soon as we'd stop at a sculpture: Korea, China, Japan in Asia. They found the Netherlands when we stood by deKooning's bronze Seated Figure. I told of how he was a stowaway who made his way to America in his early twenties to wind up in Springs. His granddaughters were in my fifth grade class.

At the large steel Mao's shirt, we told of the cultural revolution in China and how the artist decided to depict the artwork as a message of Mao's "empty promises" that were not delivered and how this was a time of burning books and limited art. A short distance away stood Eric Fischl's Tumbling Woman. Another history lesson emerged as I related the artist's tribute to the three thousand people who perished ‪on 9/11, years before these students were born. The issue of censorship came up as I shared that the sculpture stood near Rockefeller Center for only one week before protests prompted the city officials to remove it. I shared that the artist asked that visitors all take the hand of his Tumbling Woman and remember those that were lost that sad September day eighteen years ago.

The globe made its way up to Jack's “Treehenge” as the class gathered and held up the world. One boy had asked about Stonehenge earlier. We rounded the path to ‪Yoko Ono's eye-popping Play it By Trust chess set. I explained why folks cannot move the pieces--and then Luke piped up that he had a theory of why the pieces were all white: "it means they were not at war--they were the same."

Owen placed the portable speaker on the grass and urged his kids to clasp hands and create a link around the square sculpture. I asked who Yoko's husband was, and if anyone could name ‪the Beatles; then ‪John Lennon's voice rang out with "Imagine." We all sang along about how the "world will live as one." In the middle of the giant white sculpture pieces the globe rested. And for the moment there was peace.

Will Ryman's giant red rose lured us closer and the students quickly wrote odes to it after their teacher shared a rap rhyme. I shared that the artist’s theme has to do with passing time—as the fallen petals symbolize. Next was Yuan Capote's sculpture of the traveler. Cuba was identified on the globe and students were asked to "be" the man perched on the suitcase write "to" him. Heads down, their pencils filled the page. Inviting them to play the role of the man seemed to free up their words and minds.

Lunch break was back at Buckminster Fuller’s Fly's Eye Dome with the rest of the fifth grade students. Two musicians from Owen's class had brought along their trumpets so when we made our way to the earthen amphitheater they were ready to serenade. Standing alongside Jun Kaneko's shiny ceramic Dango the boys played fast and then slowly. I invited them head outside the bowl to play so we could hear the difference; Owen asked them to parade up and over the top and then down again to the center. The audience all noticed the difference in volume and they experienced what "amp" means, as the sounds were captured. Itchy to move in the outdoors, the students marched and danced to the beat of the horns—but had to freeze when they stopped. Like a version of Red Light/Green Light, they happily complied. Some singers asked to belt out a Justin Timberlake tune as it blared from the little speaker. The learning day stayed upbeat.

To calm down our troupe found and sat at the foot of the ceramic goats; odes were written and read aloud before the finale: a class photo taken by Orly Granger's blue rope wave called “Honey” and it was a wrap.

A good day learning outside--geography, history, math, science, literature through art and nature, music and dance--can't be beat. LongHouse is an outdoor classroom where all subjects are integrated through nature and sculptures.

-Irene Tully


Capital Project *Updated May 12, 2019*

Planned Rear School Entrance
Planned Rear School Entrance

Updated May 12, 2019

Springs Distrito Escolar Público

Comienza el Trabajo del Extenso Proyecto 

El 6 de marzo del 2018 los residentes de la comunidad de Springs, aprobaron el extenso proyecto capital que proporcionara renovaciones necesarias en nuestras envejecidas instalaciones, así como mejoras en la salud y seguridad. Estamos muy contentos de que la construcción de la 1 Fase del proyecto está lista para comenzar al fin del mes de junio del 2019. Los proyectos en esta fase incluyen: un sistema reductor séptico de nitrógeno  y el remplazo del techo. 

Es de esperar que estas renovaciones causen algunas inconveniencias y la posibilidad de ruido en el lugar de  trabajo.  Es nuestra intensión asegurarnos que los residentes de la comunidad estén consientes a posibles molestias antes de que comience el trabajo. Nuestro programa de verano, la biblioteca y todos los campos estarán accesibles. También el invernadero estará abierto, pero sin embargo el playground que se encuentra al lado será removido.  Además de las renovaciones, un camino de acceso  debe de construirse antes de que se comience a construir, al principio del mes de junio, esto también está incluido en el proyecto.

Esperamos que la fase #2 de este extenso proyecto comience a principios de julio del 2020. Detalles adicionales se compartirán con la comunidad una vez estén disponibles.

Una vez más, nos gustaría darle las gracias a nuestros residentes de la comunidad por su entendimiento y apoyo.


Updated February 11, 2019


Phase 1 - Sanitary System and Roof Replacement 

Bids will be opened on March 6, 2019

The construction access road has been incorporated into the project scope of work.

Bids will be awarded at April 8, 2019 BOE meeting.

Phase 2 - Building Addition

Building addition elevations presented and approved January 14, 2019.

Starting to put together construction documents.

Anticipated SED submission April 2019.

Due to current project review times (43 weeks) 3rd party review will be necessary to meet construction schedule for June 2020.


We are excited to provide an update to the Capital Project as well as sneak preview image for Phase Two. 

Concerning Phase One, we are on schedule and going out to bid in early February for the roof and the nitrogen-reducing septic system. Construction will begin this summer, July 2019. All roof work is highlighted in yellow in the attached slide presentation. 

Attached please also find plans and images for Phase Two, which concern the planned addition to the school. The image above is a rendering of the planned back of the school, including the new technology room, science room, gymnasium, and car line.

Phase Three, including interior renovations to the windows and ceilings are planned to begin in 2020-2021.

 The district will be working closely with the architects and security to ensure student safety during the summer so that summer student program may continue. 

Capital Improvement Slides, January 14, 2019

Springs School Pre-K has opening available in our pm session


Springs School Pre-K has opening available in our pm session both in district and at Eleanor Whitmore for the Fall of 2019.
Registration at Springs’ School Main Office, 48 School St. E.H.
Child must be a resident of Springs and turn 5 by December 1, 2019.

El pre-k de la escuela de Springs tiene espacios en la sesión de la tarde, tanto en la escuela de Springs como en Eleanor Whitmore para el otoño de 2019.
El registro se puede hacer en la oficina principal de la escuela de Springs, 48 School St. E.H.
El niño debe ser residente de Springs y cumplir 5 años antes del 1 de diciembre de 2019.

The Ice Pop Fundraiser is Back!


The sale will be during 4th period, in the Junior High wing, outside the 8th Grade ELA room.


School Closings

It is our hope that we have seen the last of snow. May 24, 2019 and May 28, 2019 school will be closed.  If it should snow between now and May 24, 2019, lost will be May 28th.

We hope these long weekends will provide you with quality time with family. 

Springs School Administration 

Collect Box Tops for Springs!


 The Springs School is collecting Box tops all year long! Bring your Box tops to the Functional Academics Room. We aim to collect 2000 Box Tops to earn $200 for the first two months of school. This will keep us on pace to earn $1000 for the school year! So far Ms. Walecko & Mrs. Santiago are in the lead with over 200 Box Tops each. We will be submitting on Friday so please keep collecting all week long. One lucky class will earn a special treat in November. You might even get to bake applesauce or make protein balls!

Ask all your friends and family to keep collecting Box Tops for Springs School all year long!!

2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule

Board Photo

All Meetings and Work Sessions will begin at 7:00 P.M. The Annual Budget/Trustee Vote will be Tuesday, May 14th 1:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

- Monday, July 9: Re-Organization Meeting & Regular Meeting
- Monday, July 30: Work Session
- Board Retreat
- Monday, August 20: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, August 27: Work Session
- Monday, September 17: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, September 24: Work Session
- Monday, October 15: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, October 22: Work Session
- Monday, November 5: Regular BOE Meeting & Adoption of the 2019/2020 School Budget Calendar
- Monday, November 19: Work Session 
- Monday, December 3: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, December 17: Work Session
- Monday, January 7: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, January 14: Work Session
- Monday, February 4: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, February 25: Work Session & Budget Workshop #1
- Monday, March 4, 2018: Budget Workshop #2
- Monday, March 11: Regular BOE Meeting 
- Monday, March 25: Work Session & Budget Workshop #3
- Monday, April 8: Regular BOE Meeting and Budget Workshop #4 
- Monday, April 29, 2018: Work Session
- Monday, May 6: Regular BOE Meeting & Budget Hearing 
- Monday, May 20: Work Session

Tuesday, May 21: Annual Meeting, Budget Vote and Trustee Election

- Monday, June 3: Regular BOE Meeting
- Monday, June 17: Work Session