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It's the Great Pumpkin!

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Photos courtesy of Hailey London

Students had the chance to guess the weight of a giant pumpkin that was grown in the greenhouse at Springs School. "The Great Pumpkin Contest" was spearheaded by Springs Seedlings/Project Most greenhouse advisor Hailey London. Twenty-six classes guessed the weight of the pumpkin and the class that was closest won the pumpkin to display in their classroom! The winning class was announced by second grade teacher and "Garden Champion" Ilaine Bickley during Spirit Meet on Monday.

The winning class is Ms. Dellapolla's third grade! The class guessed a weight of 30 pounds, which came closest to the actual weight of 28.8 pounds. Hailey visited the class to teach them more about pumpkins. "The pumpkin started from seed last year during Project Most and this was the only pumpkin that grew!" said Hailey. "Guessing the weight was a way to use some math and scientific reasoning skills, as well." This reasoning was what Ms. Dellapolla's class used. "We each put in a guess and had a discussion," said Ms. Dellapolla.  "After discussing how much we weigh and the height of the pumpkin, we reasoned it was most likely 50 pounds or less.  We used the guesses that were in that range and took the average amount. We felt very proud as super scientists and mathematicians, of course!"  Her class plans to do a carving decoration inspired by the designs of the students.