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Students Learn Computer Science Skills in Library

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Students in grades third through eighth are learning how to write computer code in Mr. Hallman's Library classes. The "Hour of Code" is a national effort to bring computer science skills to students at all grade levels. "I thought that this would be a good time to introduce students on how to code using a very basic format called blockly," said Mr. Hallman. "At first, many of the students thought that it was too hard and they wouldn't be able to make the program do anything, but as they learned, they started to understand the patterns of programming. They were amazed that they could write lines of code to make the computer do something!" "Blockly" is different from the coding program Java because the code is built into the "block."  Students in Library will also learn to use another programming site, this one provided through  "In the future, we will begin to use the Java code to also create simple tasks," added Mr. Hallman. More information on coding can be found at