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Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary
It's not every day that students get the chance to display their artwork alongside big names such as Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl, John Alexander, Connie Fox, William Quigley, Scott Hewett, and others. But, since last year's premiere of the "Mystery Art Sale" at Ashawagh Hall, they have the chance to do just that! The public has a chance to purchase pieces of art at the Mystery Art Sale for $20 each, and is open now until Sunday!

Students in all grades have been busy creating artwork for the upcoming "Mystery Art Sale" at Ashawagh Hall later this month. For the second time, students will have the opportunity to display their artwork alongside famous artists and all will be up for sale. Like last year, every student is creating 5x7” canvases to be displayed. This is where the "mystery" comes in: Artwork will not be labeled and only signed on the back. Visitors will be able to purchase artwork for $20 a piece, not knowing if they've purchased an "authentic" piece by one of those artists or something by a student! All proceeds will benefit the school's Visiting Artist Program.

The art sale is supported by a group of committed Springs School parents. The idea came to Springs resident, parent, and artist Sara Faulkner after she attended an event at the Royal College of Art in London where students and artists such as Christo, Damien Hirst, and Manolo Blahnik created postcard-sized artwork that were exhibited and sold anonymously all for the same price. "Owning an original piece of artwork is not always affordable," said Ms. Faulkner. A sale like this gives every attendee the chance to purchase a great piece, whether from a well-known artist, or a student, for $20. Although prices will be significantly higher at the auction held on Saturday, May 2nd, which features additional art pieces, it's still a great chance to buy wonderful artwork for a great cause!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards the Springs School Visiting Artist Program, as well as providing funds for museum trips. Last year, the show raised $35,000! The Visiting Artist Program, coordinated by art teacher Colleen McGowan, allows several artists to come in throughout the year and work with classes on different projects. This year, artist Scott Bluedorn led a series of workshops for eighth graders where they worked with an emulsion which created prints in the sun. They also designed collective pieces called "the exquisite corpse," based on an exercise inspired by Impressionist artists.  Artist Sydney Albertini has been working with the second grade, creating fabric collages for the art sale. Artist Andy Piver worked with seventh graders, creating comic designs and graffiti-style lettering called "slaps" or "tags." Earlier in the year, nationally recognized artist Paton Miller worked with the set designers of this year's Opera to produce a huge mural that covered the entire back of the Guild Hall stage. "It is a great privilege and learning experience to work with these artists," said Mrs. McGowan.   

Funds from last year's sale also provided school trips this year to the Museum of Modern Art, Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, and Goat on a Boat puppet theater.

​Springs Mystery Art Sale Ashawagh Hall
Wednesday, April 29th @ 4:00 pm - Sunday, May 3rd  Saturday,
May 2nd & Sunday, May 3rd (Open at 11:00 am)
Reception ~ May 2nd at 2:00 - 5:00 pm (Auction at 3:00 pm)
Purchases must be picked up: May 3rd, 2015 (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)

Please contact: for more information.