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Anna Lytton Foundation Donates to Springs School Program

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Photos courtesy of the Anna Lytton Foundation

At the recent May Board of Education Meeting, the Board announced a donation of $5,000 from the Anna Lytton Foundation, half of which went towards a recent poetry and book-making project for the seventh and eighth grade. The workshop was led by local poet Megan Chaskey. Ms. Chaskey taught junior high students about poetry and how to bind their own books, which included their poetry, and designing, stitching, and stamping. "It's been an amazing opportunity for the students," said art teacher Colleen McGowan.

The Foundation, formed in honor of the late Anna Lytton, a former Springs School student, engages students in the importance of art, poetry, and wellness. This past year, the Foundation has provided a yoga and wellness program for students and staff, a mural project with junior high students, and yoga classes in P.E.

Please visit to find out more and ways to donate. Springs School sincerely thanks the Foundation and Kate Rabinowitz. Please click below to view video: