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Second Annual Turkey Trot Takes Off!

Tina & Tony Turkey thumbnail53076
Tina & Tony Turkey
The race begins for K-2! thumbnail53077
The race begins for K-2!
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turkey_lower_3.jpg thumbnail53081
Mr. & Mrs. Hallman thumbnail53082
Mr. & Mrs. Hallman
turkey_lower_ramsden.jpg thumbnail53083
trot_2.jpg thumbnail53125
trot_3.jpg thumbnail53126
trot_4.jpg thumbnail53127
trot_5.jpg thumbnail53128
Ms. P's dogs trotted, as well! thumbnail53129
Ms. P's dogs trotted, as well!
The finish line is in sight! thumbnail53130
The finish line is in sight!

The second annual Springs School "Turkey Trot" returned on Monday, November 23rd, and raised $9,930! Students and staff members all took part in this fun run/walk to help raise money for the PTA.  Just like last year, School Street and a portion of Old Stone Highway were closed, with the help of the East Hampton Town Police Department and Fire Department. Parent volunteers assisted along the route by helping to keep everyone safe, all while cheering them on! "We wish to thank everyone for another successful Turkey Trot!" said Principal Casale. "It seemed like students and staff all had a great time. A special thank you goes out to the PTA and all the volunteers." Special thank you's to: Chief Sarlo from the East Hampton Town Police Dept, Officer Kim Notel, and all the police and ambulance volunteers who were present.

The winner of this year's Turkey Trophy for the most sponsorships in grades K through fifth is Ms. Policastro and Ms. Rivera's fifth grade class! They raised a total of $835. Winners of a bagel party in junior high are Mrs. LaMonda's class, who raised $1,020, and Mrs. Seff's class, who raised $535.  Winners of the raffle are: Alyssa King, who won a turkey from One Stop, Matthew Chuya, who won a $40 gift certificate to Sneakerology, and Amanda Krahe, who won a $50 gift certificate to Round Swamp Farm.

Through sponsorships, this year's event raised $9,930, which is up from last year's total of $9,500. The funds raised will support the PTA's Swim Program for grades K-5, and an ice-skating event at Buckskill for grades 6-8. Mrs. Knight's fourth grade class won the "Turkey Trophy" for raising $625 in sponsorships last year. This year's total funds raised will be announced soon!