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Teachers Awarded Grants from The Greater East Hampton Education Foundation

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Several teachers have recently won grants from the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation (G.E.H.E.F.). Grants were awarded to fifth grade teacher Lindsey Thayer in the amount of $970, Functional Academics teacher Kristy LaMonda in the amount of $800, Science teacher Sean Knight in the amount of $800, and Art teacher Colleen McGowan in the amount of $600.

Ms. Thayer wrote her grant on behalf of the whole "fifth grade team," and the money will provide student subscriptions to "Scribd," which will allow students to access print books, audiobooks, and more online. Because Scribd features over "one million titles," students of all reading levels will be able to read books of high interest and in every genre. The subscription will meet students' needs way beyond what even a top-notch classroom library can provide.

Mrs. LaMonda will be using her grant money to purchase new sensory equipment for her Functional Academics class. "We have several students who need to have their sensory needs met in order to function in the classroom," said Mrs. LaMonda. "This grant will make it possible for our department to increase our arsenal of tools. More options give a greater chance to meet individual needs and decreases behavioral outbursts." Mrs. LaMonda and Occupational Therapist Whitney Reidlinger plan on purchasing two swings and several other sensory items for their students.

Mrs. McGowan will use her grant money for the purchase of two sewing machines, irons, an ironing board, and materials to make dolls for an upcoming unit she has planned with two self-contained classes. Mrs. McGowan explained that the doll-making and doll-play project will improve language skills, as well as the fine-motor skills needed in the art of doll making. 

Mr. Knight will be using his grant money to add to a previous grant that junior high Science teacher Mr. Walker had won. They plan on bringing "Lego robotics" to the fifth grade.

Thank you to the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation for all of their support of Springs School! See how you can help by clicking here.