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Students Involved in Pussy's Pond Restoration

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Photos: Lisa Seff & Collette Mendelman
Students in AEP have been working with the Town of East Hampton on the Pussy's Pond restoration project! The restoration project is addressing water quality issues through a revegetation and landscaping plan. The East Hampton Town Natural Resource department, with Kimberly Shaw and Melissa Winslow, has been working with Wendi Goldsmith, a pioneer in innovative ways to address ecological restoration, and Michele Carlson, who has recently worked on water quality issues related to Fort Pond and Lake Montauk.
"Students have been helping to plant indigenous plants along the runoff swales, the pond's banks and buffer zones during the week," said AEP teacher Lisa Seff.  "Even a few adventurous parents and students joined in on the fun recently, donning boots so that they could help replant salt marsh grasses in the pond!"
In addition to helping with the plantings, students are learning how they can help with the water quality of the pond in the future! One of the main issues to the Pond's water quality is the constant presence of the ducks. Students have learned that they shouldn't feed the ducks because it's healthier for the ducks to eat the food that's naturally available in the environment.  Additionally, the more that people feed the ducks, the more duck feces enter the pond.  Duck feces = additional bacteria that's not good for any of the organisms in the pond, or in Accabonac Harbor that's linked to Pussy's Pond under the roadway.
The fences around the pond will stay up throughout the winter and into the spring months to help protect all of the new plants and to let the new landscaping adjust with a minimum of human and animal disruption.