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Eighth Graders Present Their Industrial Revolution Projects

Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary
Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary
Eighth graders in Ms. Farmer's Social Studies class completed a five-week project on the second industrial revolution.  Each student chose an invention from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They researched the inventor and listed ten facts about them. They also had to include an MLA citation.  In addition, students had to write an essay to explain how their invention impacted society at that time, through the years, and how it is used today.  Students also had to create a posterboard and include a creative piece to share with the class. Each student presented to their classmates.
Some projects included how the video camera impacted society, how the sewing machine shaped fashion design, the invention of the record player, the first roller coaster, and more. All projects are displayed in the school library. Click to enlarge pictures!