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Girls Basketball Team Packs Supplies for U.S. Troops Overseas

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Photos courtesy of Ms. Farmer
The junior high girls’ basketball team wrote cards of encouragement and packed supplies to troops who are deployed overseas in the Middle East.  Captain Isaac Cortes of the Marine Corps, a Long Island native, will be handing out these supplies and letters to his men who are stationed in the Middle East.  "Eighth grade students have written to our soldiers who are risking their lives in order to give us the freedoms we enjoy daily here in America thanking them for their service," said Coach Farmer.  According to Ms. Farmer, Captain Cortes explained that when troops are off base, they are in need of snacks that will fit in their pockets and small enough to take with them. He also explained that the "MREs" or "Meals Ready to Eat," aren't very tasty, so soldiers are always yearning for better-tasting food. If anyone else is interested in donating snacks, supplies like toothbrushes, mouthwash, Wet Wipes, razors, Q-tips or any other toiletry items, or writing letters, please contact Ms. Farmer at: