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Classrooms Undergo "Room Transformations!"

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Some classrooms in our school have undergone "room transformations" lately in order to engage students and get them excited about learning! Ms. Waleko's second grade class was transformed into "all things Villanova Basketball." Ms. Waleko explained, "Villanova was the 2018 NCAA National Champions and is also where I went to college."  Students in her class engaged in activities like a Slam Dunk Syllable Sort, a game of Swish with spelling words, close-reading of a passage about the NCAA tournament, Beat the Clock math challenge, and watched a clip of the championship game and wrote a paragraph about it. To make it extra fun, "Throughout the day students earned shots they could take to then earn points for their squads," said Ms. Waleko. 

Another second grade room transformation was in Mrs. Sullivan and Ms. Erb's class. "We transformed our room into a cafe and catered all of our lessons to coincide with the theme," said Mrs. Sullivan. " It was titled the Hungry Learners Cafe." Mrs. Sullivan's room featured tablecloths, candles (fake, of course), white lights, and menus to add to the cafe theme.
The sixth grade social studies classes also participated in a room transformation. Their room was turned into a "crime scene" where students had to play the part of CSI investigators. "They were greeted at the door with ID tags and detective folders which contained important information on the assassination of Julius Caesar," explained Mrs. Dunham. "Their job was to travel to different stations where they had to examine evidence and in the end, come up with an indictment as to who committed the crime." Students had a blast getting into character and solving the crime. "I'm happy to report the students have made their decision as to who is guilty and this case is officially closed! Jealous senators were guilty of the crime." Mrs. Dunham said.