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Drones Take Flight in A.E.P. and Library Classes

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone! All sixth grade students are learning about drones during a collaborative long-term STEM research project in their A.E.P. (Academic Enrichment) and Library classes with Mr. Hallman and Mrs. Seff.  The drones were obtained through a grant from the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation (GEHEF). "Before learning how to fly the drones, the students first had to conduct research and write articles on drone regulations, present and future uses, as well as issues related to the use of drones," explained Mrs. Seff.  "During their research, students learned that drones are not just fun toys, but are considered serious tools being used by firefighters, building and bridge inspectors, wildlife and coastal researchers as well as photographers." Students also discovered that there are a lot of government rules and regulations that they need to know before getting a drone airborne.

"After students complete their article, they have to take an online test, and get a 100%, to make sure they understand basic safety and flying regulations," said Mrs. Seff.  "After that, it’s time to fly!" Students began with basic controls and flight patterns with a "Cheer Wing CW4 RC Drone." Once they mastered basic flight maneuvers, students will learn how to take photos and videos using a built-in 720HD camera that’s built in to the base of the drone.


The final drone learning experience will include flying a more advanced drone that actually coordinates with nearby satellites for additional stability and control.  This drone includes a virtual reality headset so students can feel like they're actually on the drone while they’re flying it! So, keep your eye on the sky!