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Be Inspired by these Springs School Athletes!

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Third graders Samantha Rodriguez, Valerie Torres, Nicole Vasquez, and Natalia Palacios have come up with their own project and wanted to honor the Springs School students who dedicate their time to a sport for many years and have excelled tremendously. Some of these students have even traveled to different parts of the country and abroad to compete in their sports.

The girls interviewed five students, all in eighth grade, to show fellow students that it is possible to be successful even from such a young age.
They named the project, “Be inspired by a Springs School Student." In addition to being featured on the school website, the girls also presented their project during Spirit Meet and the eighth graders were honored. The students featured are: Brandon Rodriguez for hockey, Corrina Castillo for dance, Santiago Maya for wrestling, Anthony Guevara for soccer, and Brooke Wittmer for gymnastics. A job well done, everyone! Click below to read the full interviews! And check out the video link by clicking here!

Spirit Meet Video

Spirit Meet Video from Syntax on Vimeo.