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The Fast Pass: New School Entrance Security Procedures

Photo of New Security Measures thumbnail101667
Security Guard demonstrating use of new Security System

The Springs Public School has added a new security measure at the school entrance: The Fast Pass System. This system is just one more step taken toward securing the safety of the children of Springs. Visitors who enter the school will now be asked to scan their license and have a picture taken.

Here is how it works: When someone approaches the school, they must first use the buzzer to gain entrance to the vestibule. Once in the vestibule, they will slide their license in and out of a scanning device, which can be found on a shelf on their right. If it is your first time using the Fast Pass System, the receptionist will instruct you to face the device so that a picture may be taken. Once the device has scanned your license, the receptionist will admit you into the school. Don't worry! If you have any questions while in the vestibule, you can use the buzzer to communicate with the receptionist or the security guards.

Security Guard Patrick Milazzo demonstrated to me the use of the device, and it appears to be fairly simple! For parents who have been coming to the school for years, this new procedure may come as a surprise. However, as Milazzo pointed out, our children are the most precious thing to us in the world, and that this is just one more important step in the process of keeping our children safe. Receptionist Brenda Crozier similarly acknowledged that the Fast Pass System is for the betterment of the students and the safety of the school.