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Citizens of the Month

Welcome to the Citizens of The Month page! At Springs School, character education is taught during Spirit Meet and Pep Rallies, and is incorporated into our curriculum and our school's culture. Different values are taught each month, and each month, four students are chosen who demonstrate their best character. We are proud to showcase these students here. 

Character Education

  • September-October: Respect
  • November-December: Caring
  • January-February: Responsibility
  • March-April: Honesty & Integrity
  • May-June: Perseverance



Citizens of the Month



October Citizens of the Month

October's Citizens of the Month are Alondra Marin and Cassius Carmona. According to her teacher, Alondra is an excellent student who is always willing to take the time to help others out and is a good friend to everyone around her.  Her dedication to school goes way beyond what is asked of her and that is why she is one of the top coders in Mr. KnightÅ› science room, completing her fifth-grade coding work before the year already started!  Her hard work, dedication, and caring for others makes her a perfect choice for Citizen of the Month. Congratulations, Alondra!


At the beginning of the school year, the kindergartners come in oftentimes a bit shy and hesitant to engage. This is probably the only time a 5-year-old is reserved!  However, Cassius has been comfortable from Day One!  According to his teacher, on that first day, he was relaxed, enthusiastic and ready to try anything and "everything we had planned," whether it was working on a project, playing with new, unknown friends at recess, or completely focused on a story about a blue cat and some white shoes!  Kindergarten was a new frontier for this little adventurer! He arrives every day with a charming, beaming smile, albeit missing his front teeth. He eagerly dives into whatever task is presented to him...working carefully, methodically, and with utmost care. He listens intently and follows directions perfectly. With his peers, he is a good friend to both the boys as well as the girls!  At Center Time, he loves to play with the wooden trains, building cooperatively a track around the table with whoever happens to be his partner as well as sharing the coveted little blue engine. At recess time, he is just a kindergartner having fun and playing hard.  
When one of his new friends is hurt he is quick to get an adult’s attention to help. When a friend has his/her feelings hurt, he is the first to try to cheer them up.  It was no surprise that this little guy, with the big smile, strong work ethic, and even bigger heart, spent his weekend with adults cleaning up the school courtyard. 
Congratulations, Cassius!




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The junior high Citizens of the Month are Alyssia King and Anthony Guevera. According to her teachers, Alyssa is being recognized for all of her hard work and dedication in making the courtyard beautiful! 

Anthony Guevera is beging recognized for being a hard-working student who puts in "110% effort."  According to his teachers, he uses his time wisely to improve on his academics. He is driven, polite and, most importantly, he is kind to fellow classmates. His hard work has placed him in a Regents class this year and his teachers know he can rise to the challenge. In addition to academics, Anthony is an amazing soccer player who devotes just as much time and effort to his sport as he does in the classroom! Congratulations!  
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