A message from the directors of High School Musical

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Well, here it is… the first day of April. When we envisioned this day many months ago, we pictured spending it with all of you, watching each of you shine on stage as you belted out the lyrics to “Stick to the Status Quo,” and danced side by side to “We’re All in This Together.” Unfortunately, circumstances outside of our control and beyond our wildest imaginations have completely turned our plans upside down, and we’re left feeling disappointed, sad, and confused.

At a time like this, it’s been a comfort to look back at our memories from play practice this year. When we find ourselves feeling a bit down or blue, we remind ourselves to think of the times we spent together in the commons room and the music room, learning new songs, practicing dances, and having fun together. We want you to know just how proud we are of each and every one of you for your dedication to this year’s production. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with all of you this year.

Many of you are wondering what the future holds for our production. Will we be able to have more rehearsals? Will the show be rescheduled? And to be honest with you, we directors have been asking ourselves those same questions, too. We’ve been reminding one another that we just have to take it one day at a time for now, as hard as that may seem at times, and that we have to remain hopeful for brighter days ahead. 

We hope this video brings some joy your way today. We had a lot of fun while making it. We hope that you’re finding ways to engage with the arts and express your creativity while at home.

So for now, we’ll continue taking things one day at a time. When we have new information, we’ll be sure to check in with all of you. Until then, we hope that you and your families are staying safe and feeling healthy. And remember… we’re all in this together.

Goodbye for now, Wildcats ❤