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Special Committees

COMMITTEES 2022/2023


The Board of Education and the school district establish committees to regularly review and provide input and feedback in a variety of areas.  Participation and membership in certain committees may be limited to specific members, require expertise in specific areas and/or require appointment by the Board. If interested in serving on any of these committees please email and include your email and phone number.


Audit Committee

Meets 1 time a year, BOE members only

Barbara Dayton, Tim Frazier, Patrick Brabant, Emma Field, Erik Fredrickson

Education law requires every school district, except those employing less than eight teachers, to establish an audit committee comprised of at least three members of the Board of Education. Springs BOE elects for the entire BOE to meet with their auditors once a year.

Role of Audit Committee: • An advisory committee that reviews & advises the board on issues relating to the district’s external & internal audit functions.


Technology Committee

Meets once every 3 years (next year 2025)

Christine Cleary, John Gibbons, Tracey Frazier, Ryan Scala, Steve Mazza, Tanner Stedman

Per Part 100.12 of Commissioner’s Regulations, all New York State public school districts are required to develop and maintain instructional technology plans. NYSED's Office of Educational Design and Technology collects and reviews key information on district Instructional Technology Plans (ITPs) from school districts every three years.  The new 2022 plan is valid through June 30, 2025.  Through District Instructional Technology Plans, districts address how they are meeting the Educational Technology expectations of the Board of Regents, as articulated in the USNY Statewide Learning Technology Plan.


Policy Development Committee

Meets monthly 10 am (9/14, 10/12, 11/16, 12/14, 1/18, 2/15, 4/19, 5/23, 6/14)

Debra Winter, Barbara Dayton, Tim Frazier, Julie Bistrian, Kristy Lamonda

Assists the Board of Education in developing policies to guide the District’s overall operations. Policies provide clear and concise guidelines to the administration and staff in making decisions.



Health, Safety & Wellness Committee

Meets minimum of 4 times a year

Christine Cleary, Robert Doyle, Owen McCormack, Ashley Dellapolla, Laura Burr, Emma Field, Eric Fredrickson (parents and community members )

The committee, which is a combined effort of the community, students, and administration, will review school safety issues and procedures. The committee’s mission is to provide awareness of needs and to create useful recommendations for the District to review and implement, such as policies, programs, and events.

Commissioner’s Regulation 8 NYCRR 155 mandate by the Rescue Law Health and Safety Committee

Health And Safety PDF


Buildings & Grounds

Meets minimum of 4 times a year

Robert Doyle, Kevin Jones, Pat Brabant, Barbara Dayton (parents and community members )

The Buildings and Grounds Committee, in cooperation with appropriate district administration, oversees plans and policies which assure that the district’s facilities, grounds and transportation support and enhance all academic, co-curricular, and community activities of the school; that they are safe; that they are maintained as required; and that plans are in place to ensure future needs are identified and, in conjunction with the business office, adequately funded.


Shared Decision Making Committee

Meets minimum of 4 times a year

Josh Odom, Christine Cleary, Meghan Payne, Patty Hicks. (parents, students, community members)

Commissioner’s Regulations 100.11 requires a district plan for the participation of parents, teachers, administrators and school board members in school-based planning and shared decision making. Districts must report every two years on their success in implementing the plan.


District Emergency Response Committee (ERT)

Meets at least once a year prior to school opening. 

Police and fire Marshal invited to evacuation drills and lock down drills

Christine Cleary, Kevin Jones, Bruce Bates, Kenneth Alversa, Devin Toia, Tim Taylor, Jeff Miller, Laura Burr. (includes police and fire department)

District-wide school safety plans and building-level emergency response plans are designed to prevent or minimize the effects of violent incidents and emergencies and to facilitate the coordination of schools and school districts with local and county resources in the event of such incidents or emergencies. Education Law §2801-a and Commissioner’s Regulation §155.17 require schools and districts to create several different safety teams: District-wide school safety team, Building-level emergency response team, Emergency response team, Post-incident response team. 

(Community input is 30 day comment period on ERT public safety plan)


Guidance Plan Advisory Council

Meets no less than twice a year

Tim Frazier, Kristen Turnow, Joe Colavito, Jacqueline Rambo, Stacy McCally, Therese Allam, Caitlin Cangiolosi s ( parents and community-based service providers)

Commissioner’s Regulation 100.2(j)(2) Each school district shall have a comprehensive developmental school counseling/guidance program, for all students in kindergarten through grade 12. 100.2(j)(2)(iii) Each school district shall establish a comprehensive developmental school counseling/ guidance program advisory council to be comprised of representative stakeholders (such as parents, members of the board of education, school building and/or district leaders, community-based service providers, teachers, certified school counselors and other pupil personnel service providers in the district including school social workers and/or school psychologists).


Communications Committee

Erik Fredrickson, Barbara Dayton, Debra Winter, (teachers, students, community members, parents)

The Communications Committee will assist the Board of Education with the promotion of information and accomplishments of the District. The committee shall:

  • Investigate and recommend new communication strategies to the Board of Education and administration
  • Refine and update the district website
  • Establish a school social media presence for communicating important information
  • Work to develop effective & timely communication both within the school and with the community