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Literacy Co-Coordinators

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Read, Write and Play
Sarah Picard Taylor, a primary staff developer at the TCRWP, has posted photos from giving and loving classroom teachers around the world as well as paper choices, favorite book lists, and tips to help you with your reading and writing workshops.

Overview of the CCLS Aligned Writing UoS K - 5
The following is a clip of Lucy Calkins providing teachers with an overview of the new Heinemann CCLS-Aligned Writing UoS series authored by members of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project based on their work in hundreds of schools across the world.

Chart Chums: Creative Classroom Charts
The authors of this blog, Marjorie Martinelli and Kristine Mraz, are dedicated to helping teachers help students become independent readers and writers. Teachers often ask “Where can we go to see more pictures of charts?” many a teacher has asked while pulling out a digital camera or cell phone to photograph the sample charts we use to supplement our workshops on reading and writing.  Chart Chums helps respond to this call.  In addition to the charts we create and tips we will offer, we invite you, the classroom teacher, to send us your charts as well so that we can all learn from each other.

To Make a Prairie
The author of  this blog is Vicki Vinton, who is known as a literacy jack-of-all-trades: a reader, a writer, a teacher, a consultant, a passionate lover of language and books, and a true believer in the power of stories to affirm and transform our lives.

We would like to pluck some of the huge concepts floating around out there in education and batten them down to sharpies, post its, steps and lessons. We would like to help make the vague feel concrete; the out-of-reach more doable.We think that the title of this blog fits our intention. To indent our writing is a little thing, one click of a tab button. But it does big work. It shifts our focus, it signals a change, it allows for pause and reflection. Big ideas and small details is what this blog is all about.

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a research and staff development organization housed at Teachers College, Columbia University. The Project's ideas are foundational to literacy instruction across the globe. The organization has a deep and long lasting affiliation with over six hundred schools, and works in less intimate ways with thousands of others. The mission of the TCRWP is to help young people become avid and skilled readers, writers, and inquirers. We accomplish this goal through research, curriculum development, and through working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, teachers, principals and superintendents.