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Welcome to the Literacy Co-Coordinator Web Page



Tracey Frazier Lisa Dragone


In our work as Literacy Co-Coordinators, we strive to . . .

  1. Provide teachers with the opportunity to take advantage of differentiated staff development opportunities aligned with the vision and literacy goals for Springs School
  2. Support teachers with unit planning and curriculum development (instruction and assessment) in language arts (reading – writing – word study).
  3. Offer support to new teachers and those teachers changing grade levels possibly in the form of a summer institute and/or continued staff development to immerse them in the balanced literacy practices that are central to the teaching of reading and writing in Springs School.
  4. Research current literacy practices and thinking to disseminate amongst colleagues and with the administration.
  5. Develop and maintain a school webpage devoted to literacy that will provide support for all members of the school community.
  6. Work along with the administration and staff to develop bottom line expectations for literacy instructional practices to ensure consistency of instruction across grade levels.
  7. Coordinate cross grade level conversations (articulation meetings) for literacy planning and reflection.
  8. Share recommendations with the administration through monthly articulation providing feedback and supporting vision of best practices in the school, following work with the staff.
  9. Play a leadership role in parent education and educating parents in ways to support their children as readers and writers based on current research about best practice (i.e. literacy night).