Students Share their Love of Reading with Teacher-Author

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A few fifth grade students have recently discovered that there's an author right here in Springs School! Fifth graders Julian, Isaac, and Ares discovered through their older siblings that junior high English teacher Adam Osterweil is a published author! The boys took it upon themselves to read Mr. Osterweil's most recent book, Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector. After they read the book, which is about an imaginative boy and his beloved metal detector, the boys were treated to their very own "treasure hunt" with a mini metal detector, and "treasures" that Mr. Osterweil had hidden in his classroom. "Mr. O. has found so many coins and other things right here on Long Island!" said Julian. "It's really inspiring." Although the boys don't aspire to be writers themselves, their love of reading is encouraging them to start reading Mr. Osterweil's other books, and also meeting with Mr. O to give their suggestions on his next book. Visit Mr. Osterweil's website here to find out more about his books.