Springs School Teacher Publishes New Book!

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Junior High E.L.A. teacher Adam Osterweil has written his sixth book, this one an interactive book called, The Creepy Dungeon. In the book, kids read a story and also participate in an adventure. "They have to make decisions, battle monsters, explore, collect treasure, and solve puzzles," explained Mr. Osterweil.  "The goal is to make it down to the deepest level of the Creepy Dungeon, where an ancient blue dragon guards a treasure room full of rare and valuable items."  Students are encouraged to come to the school's Book Fair where a magnet will be available on Mr. O's table which will show students a website where they can easily report on the outcome of their adventures.  A running total will display how much gold and treasure all Springs School students have received from The Creepy Dungeon.  The website is: www.adamosterweil.com, and the Creepy Dungeon banner leads to a simple online form to report the results of each adventure.  Students can get a signed copy of The Creepy Dungeon and all of Mr. O's other books at the Book Fair, with all the proceeds going to support the PTA.  "This is hopefully the first of many schoolwide interactive reading adventures!" said Mr. O. We'll see you at the Book Fair!

The Book Fair is this week! Mr. O will be signing his book during second period.